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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Is it time to book popcorn ceiling removal in Oshawa, Ontario? If so, our company is at your service. The crucial thing is that our team is experienced with such jobs and ensures full customer satisfaction. Since this is a demanding job – one that involves several steps too, take a look at how we do things here at Painters Oshawa.

Also, feel free to make contact with our team if you want an estimate, more information about the job, and details about the process.

Experts in popcorn ceiling removal in Oshawa

When it comes to popcorn ceiling removal, Oshawa contractors meet with you to talk about details and check the surface. Not all popcorn ceilings are exactly the same. Some are pretty old and the likelihood that they contain asbestos is high. Some are simply texturized and some are painted and repainted over the years. This may be one single ceiling or you may have plenty of popcorn ceilings. The contractor checks the ceiling to see what’s needed and gives you specific details of the process, the cost, and all things relevant to the service. Should we start with that? Contact our team.

The popcorn ceiling is removed and the substrate is finished

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Oshawa

As we said, the process of removing a popcorn ceiling and refinishing the substrate is quite demanding. Since there’s a high level of dust, particles, and material residues in the room, the pros start by properly prepping the area. The room is confined so that the dust particles won’t affect the other areas of the home. The room is empty when the job is done and the pros are properly dressed and equipped. All precautions are taken, especially if there’s a suspicion that the popcorn ceiling in question contains asbestos.

Once the pros remove the popcorn ceiling, they prep the substrate. They fill possible holes, fix cracks, and address all imperfections to make the surface flat and smooth before they finish it.

Your decision to remove the popcorn ceiling is wise. It’s the best thing you can do to be sure your home is healthy and your family stays healthy too. This is a dated ceiling texture anyway. It was used some decades ago to give texture and reduce noise. Today, there are different acoustic ceilings that won’t cause health problems and their appearance is modern. And with us on the job, the service is carried out in a safe and correct manner.

The team to trust with the removal of the popcorn ceiling

By entrusting the removal of the popcorn ceiling to our team, you can be certain that it’s done on time, safely and properly, at a price you can afford, by experts in this domain. Even if there are no harmful particles, the removal of such textured ceilings is difficult and the dust levels are high. You surely need expert pros on the job and now that you found our team, you don’t have to look further. The appointed pros remove popcorn ceilings for years now and not only do they have the means but also the expertise to ensure excellent service. Contact our team to inquire about the Oshawa popcorn ceiling removal service.