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Exterior House Painting

Want to refresh the color of your porch railing? Want the siding painted? If you are looking for some home transformation and like to book an exterior house painting in Oshawa, Ontario, take a deep breath. You just found the masters of such jobs.

Get in touch with Painters Oshawa and tell us your plans. Do you want something small like the fence painted? Or, want the entire exterior of your house painted? Are you in a hurry to get started or want to get a free estimate and weigh things before you decide? Whatever your case, don’t worry. As long as you are interested in an exterior painting service in Oshawa, you can count on our team.

Best exterior house painting Oshawa team

Exterior House Painting Oshawa

For tip-top exterior house painting, Oshawa homeowners should entrust the service to our team. We have a long experience in these projects – hence, ensure accuracy from start to finish. Painting exteriors is never easy. Even the best materials are weathered – often seriously – and must be properly prepped, to start with. Then, they must be painted in a proper manner in order to last for as long as possible. And then, most houses are big and some parts are hard to reach. It takes a company with the right equipment and machinery, field experience and knowledge to pull off such jobs. And so, if it’s time for exterior painting in Oshawa, don’t take risks. Turn to our team.

Exterior painting services to meet everyone’s needs

Are you seeking an exterior painter to finish the fence? Do you want all parts of the exterior painted? You will be glad to hear that our company undertakes all projects.

  •          Full exterior house painting service
  •          Deck painting service
  •          Fence painting service
  •          Porch floor painting
  •          Railings painting
  •          Doors and windows painting
  •          Shutters painting
  •          Trims painting

Whether you need to find a home painter to finish the deck or want to discuss about a job that would include all sections of the exterior, talk to us. We are here for all such services.

All painting services begin with surface preparation

It’s important to mention that the painting service always starts with a number of prep tasks. Although the exteriors vary and not all houses are in the same condition, the pros usually have to power wash, remove debris, peel off old paints, scrape and sand, address blemishes, and take care of all imperfections. Deck repairs often precede deck painting, doors and windows are usually caulked before they are painted – just to mention a couple of examples.

The exterior house painter appointed to the job comes out properly equipped for the requested service. The paints used are suitable for the material and the exterior environment. Apart from prepping all surfaces, the painters also prime as required before they apply the final coatings for greater resistance and fabulous results.

The service starts as previously agreed and is completed within the scheduled timeframe. But let’s talk about all that specifically for your home. If you want the exterior refreshed, contact our team and tell us what you need or what you have in mind. Make an appointment to get answers to your questions, consultation, and estimate – free of charge and obligation. The number one Oshawa exterior house painting team is at your disposal and ready to serve. Let’s talk.