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Drywall Repair

Drywall damage happens. And it may happen for all sorts of reasons. But the times you may need drywall repair, Oshawa’s best team will be at your service. As a painting company with years of experience in every small or big task involved in such jobs, we know how to handle serious or not so serious drywall problems. Let us assure you. We specialize in all types of drywall and have both the means and the experience to cover all drywall service requests. If you are looking for a drywall contractor in Oshawa, Ontario, breathe a sigh of relief. You just pumped into the best local company and we are ready to tell you how we can help you.

Drywall repair, Oshawa experts

Drywall Repair Oshawa

All Oshawa drywall repair requests are tackled as soon as it is convenient for the customer. The most significant thing? No matter the drywall damage, there’s a solution. At Painters Oshawa, we have seen it all through the years. After all, drywall can be ruined even due to nail holes or by door knobs – let alone if there’s water damage or forceful impact.

Now, the nature of the drywall repairs is subject to the extent of damage. Holes and cracks, often created by popping nails or slamming doors, can be fixed. Larger holes can be patched. Got some damaged drywall corners? Did you move around some furniture and bruised the living room drywall? Don’t worry too much. All such things can be fixed. And the best in-Oshawa drywall repair contractors are standing just around the corner. Why don’t you tell us more about the problem?

Drywall installation to meet your needs

Are you making some changes at home and want drywall installation to split one room in two? Or, is the current drywall damage excessive and want the panel replaced with a new one? In either case, you can rely on our team. Sometimes, drywall cannot be fixed. Or it’s not worth fixing, especially when it’s wet. Whether this is a wall or ceiling, have no worries. Our company has the equipment and the experience to remove drywall, to hang drywall of any type and size. So, don’t think about it. Whether you have a serious drywall problem or just want drywall installed for aesthetic and functional purposes, you can count on us. What is it that you want at this point?

Your go-to drywall contractors

Why are we the go-to drywall installation contractors? The best team for all drywall repairs? Let us tell you.

  •          We know all about drywall – all types, standard, green, purple, fire and moisture resistant, etc.
  •          When it comes to installing drywall, we suggest the best type depending on the environment. Do you need drywall resistant to mold? Type X drywall to retard the spread of fire?
  •          All required is done – cutting, hanging, sanding, applying skim coating, painting.
  •          As professional painters, we know how to handle drywall problems, how to make the surface perfectly smooth and which paints to use for long-lasting, exquisite results, based on the environment.

Let us know all about your drywall needs. Want some drywall panels replaced? Need drywall repair in Oshawa? We are at your service.